Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A House Painted in Apple White

I would like a house, painted
Apple white,
With large french windows
In rainbow color curtains,
Open to the lawn.

I would like a room, painted
Rose white,
With only a cosy couch
Among the stacked books of
 My favourite authors.

I would like a room, painted
Daffodil yellow,
With a  twin ebony bed
Of bright gold leaf designs
Carved on the head rest.

I would like to flop on the bed 
Feeling the rays  of docile setting sun, In the evening, while brooding On 
My childhood memories
Of my siblings, distant to me now.

When the dusk falls
I would like to go to my room
And under the soft glow of a lavender candle
I would Start to write
As I always hope to do.


  1. Ok. I will prepare the BOQ. Estimate would be 254 million rupees.

  2. What should I wear?!!!!!!!!

    Very very happy to see you are still here.many others are gone from the blog world.����


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