Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to Lure My New Tenant


What a shy person my new tenant is!

Comes with the Dawn and leaves with the Dusk.

My eye walks on the lawn looking for a sign of him.

Sits in his favourite place,on top of a coconut.

Hops back and forth and chats while I carry my washing.

 It's his previledge, so I listen to him.

He likes me and the mynah who eats tit-bits in the garden.

I too like him though he is not one of my own.

He is a nature lover, conservationist and a vegetarian.

He is an ecentric too.

Shakes his back when he has something excited to say.

Spellbound by his presence, I tried all my tricks on him

to share my life with him forever,though it failed,

breaking my heart. I wonder whether you have any tips

to lure a flycatcher to my home.