Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Teacher's Vengeance

The  Teacher's  Vengeance

She came hurriedly
to an unswept classroom
paper balls on the floor,
avoiding the fallen flower vase
on her path,
ignoring the culprits,
who deserve punishment
in an ordinary day.

With open mouth and wide eyes
pupils stare
thinking of
the impending doom.
Anticipation is mountain high.
Consequences follow
sure as Hell.

  Spectacled eyes
throw a wicked smile.
For, it is the way
to rejuvenate
the frozen minds
of the imbeciles.

This is her day. Victorious,
 triumphant, fulfilled and vengeful,
she looks straight
into the eyes of those defeated souls.

Dropping the papers with a thud
on the desk,
straightening the table cloth with her finger tips,
picking the chalk from the edge of the table,
She  wrote on the black board,


  1. Very creative! One man's tool is another man's weapon. (I just saw it on a Batman movie.)

    Rejuvenate, isn't it?

    1. Thank you very much Dude. I was very miserable in the past 17 days without having access to The Net. The culprit was the power supply unit.This was in the Draft and as soon as I got my internet connection back, I posted it without checking the spellings, which is one of my weak areas.
      Thank u for showing it.

      I have described my own actions in the last paragraph.:D

  2. Really nice...I have experienced these kind of things, while I was schooling. Sometimes when the we do something mischievous, teachers don't scold us. Instead they say "Take a blank sheet of paper....."

    1. Thank you Chams. I was unable to visit your blog for some days. The reason is my transfer.I have been transferred to a boys' school and when I return home I am very tired. I take a long nap and have very little tome to browse other blogs. My translations also take a lot of my free time. So please bear with me. :D

      Teachers are very strict. Aren't they? :D

  3. Oh. no. I felt the thunder. Yep its her day.. Great idea..

    1. Did you? Yes. I wanted to depict the full fury of the teacher. I imagined her face when I wrote the poem but unfortunately I was unable to find a suitable image to match the poem.

    2. That's great even without a described photo.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank u. I am flattered. Nice to see you again. I saw that u have published a new post. Will read it soon.

  5. Teacher's Vengeance... hah..poor kids..really feel sorry for them... :)

    very creative poem...

    1. First of all, welcome to my blog. Were you one of the kids who got punished by teachers? :D

  6. Great poem actually.....I've experienced these incidents throughout my school life.... :D :D :D


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