Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh! Why?

        I attended her daughter's birthday in August. Her daughter,Akila was a very beautiful bride who found her love  when schooling. Her mother and I taught at the same school for around ten years. During that time many a happy time we spent together. The problems of our kids, the nagging husbands, inability to cope with a load of household work and the responsibilities of our teaching profession and many more.We were happy too. The amusing incidents of our children and husbands were generously shared as the the innocent victims were unaware of our malicious  behavior.
             On the wedding day I met several other teachers at the same school and we reminisced on the things of the past. Then the Bride's mother came and I couldn't believe my eyes. She has changed dramatically during the time I got a transfer to another school.She has become slim ad had a lively complexion.With a beamed face she sallied forth to our table.We all commented on her good looks and enjoyed a lot while she was busy doing final arrangements to hand over her daughter to new in-laws and to a new family. I think that Akila, my friend's daughter is lucky to have understanding people as her new in-laws.
                              Though the party was over around 11 p.m , I had to wait with them  until  mid-night, because I had  asked a lift home from them.Then again I got a chance to listen to  the missing information during my absence from where she taught.We said good bye and parted with renewed friendships.
                                       After a month a call came and I was told that she was dead. I could not remember how I reacted to that information.I just stood near the land phone not knowing what to do. A great emptiness welled in my body and I sat down at the edge of the bed.
                                         How could she die? Such a healthy woman in her prime! With a newly married daughter who needs lot of advice to row  in the turbulent waters of married life.Even when I blog this I remember her smiling face. It reminded me strongly how fickle the life is.I am very very  scared to die.Her death shook me to my roots and made me helpless. I can't shake that incident from my mind. We wish and long for many things in life sacrificing the present comforts thinking that one day we would be able to sit back and relax.Instead we have to go when the "Death rattles the gate". All our  beautiful dreams will vanish into thin air making the people we love sad.That is the bitter truth I learned from her death.
                     So this post is a tribute to my friend who had to leave her responsibilities in the hands of her poor husband and helpless teenage son. May she live in eternal  peace  wherever her soul rests!