Sunday, July 26, 2015

To My Dearest Sons at St. Xavier's College, Marawila

Though u were  not borne by me,
I always had a mother's tender love towards u all.

My dear sons, you would never guess
The share u have in
Relieving the frustration and the tension
From my boiling system.

I took your comments personally
And that's why I always got
Angry, when retorted.

I hoped for unquestioned surrender
 in lessons, You rebelled though.

 I am ashamed to say
That I have very little contribution
For moulding u into good citizens
Though I tried it every given moment.

Ours wasn't a traditional classroom
As any other, and
After meeting u all,
I changed my attitude
On a teacher's role!

You always called me 'ape miss'
And I glimpsed a vast flow of
warmth and affection in it.

And yet, when I sensed that
You r deviating from your future goal,

 The punishments,cynical remarks, cajoles
 and even Indifference had to be used
 for getting work done.

Teachers aim for seminars, modal papers
while you strive to cram
all the tutorials into your tired
and confused minds, already half filled
 with FB,  chats and selfies.

In the modern world, where teachers
are fast loosing the grip of their students
nobody is wise to predict
where the current will carry and
deposit u in another
ten years.

However, my dear sons,
I would not hesitate to advise you
As I always do.
Be good and do good.

There's a life for each of  u
 beyond the world of exams.
Ride on it
To a clear future.

And I thank God,
for making an encounter
Between u all and me
So that I am enlightened
of a modern teenager's life.


"I know,I know.
Wait till Asitha comes,
And he will explain the poem
 to u all'n good time."

            Your ever-loving English teacher,
                           Miss blue lotus