Saturday, May 26, 2012

This is what I feel about my son


He composes hip hop and R& B
"REASON" is his tool.
Too old not to do a job
winks when I reprimand him
for his in-activeness.
Society expects the children of the teachers
to be at top levels! How troublesome !

I avoid the gaze of my friends on the bus,
dreading that they will inquire about my son,
 He has a phobia
of exams of any kind:
Used to fall ill a lot
 during his term tests.
His favorite doctor looks at me
with a question mark in his eyes:
indicating that
It is rather psychological than physical.
With a broken heart,
Return home with medication.
 Yet:When his aththa fell ill
He spent a whole week in hospital
looking after him like a baby.
He was the friend of
all the old men in that ward
fetching them all they need.
A cup of tea from the canteen:
a packet of Cream Crackers
 from the nearby  boutique:
Calls to their sons and daughters   (Though I suffered)

Takes his own time to complete the degree
doing everything he can to postpone the exams.
I , wait  helplessly
thinking what I can do to change the situation!
But Whatever you do,
 I love you!
The GRASSHOPPER of mine!


(Luckily for me the situation has changed. He is doing a job now while continuing his studies.)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The overflowing hospitality of a proud Nation

The month of May is very important to us Sri Lankans.As the Buddhism is the major religion of Sri Lanka, we celebrate the birth, the enlightenment and the passing away of Lord Buddha during the month of May.We attend to religious work in the temples, make wesak lanterns, and display big pandols in major towns and do various charity work to commemorate the supreme religious leader.
                                 Another special feature of the month is the immense hospitality of the tiny, yet a very proud nation with a 2500 year history attached to it.People in all walks of life, irrespective of their cast and creed offer free food to all passers by on the Wesak Day.It is a marvelous and a heart warming sight to see the generosity of people who go out of their way to please others and to quench their thirst and hunger. Sometimes it is funny to see little ones waving flags and trying to stop people who are on their way to various destinations.Though the country is struggling to solve various problems arising from the past no one can deny the generous heart of a proud Nation.