Saturday, May 26, 2012

This is what I feel about my son


He composes hip hop and R& B
"REASON" is his tool.
Too old not to do a job
winks when I reprimand him
for his in-activeness.
Society expects the children of the teachers
to be at top levels! How troublesome !

I avoid the gaze of my friends on the bus,
dreading that they will inquire about my son,
 He has a phobia
of exams of any kind:
Used to fall ill a lot
 during his term tests.
His favorite doctor looks at me
with a question mark in his eyes:
indicating that
It is rather psychological than physical.
With a broken heart,
Return home with medication.
 Yet:When his aththa fell ill
He spent a whole week in hospital
looking after him like a baby.
He was the friend of
all the old men in that ward
fetching them all they need.
A cup of tea from the canteen:
a packet of Cream Crackers
 from the nearby  boutique:
Calls to their sons and daughters   (Though I suffered)

Takes his own time to complete the degree
doing everything he can to postpone the exams.
I , wait  helplessly
thinking what I can do to change the situation!
But Whatever you do,
 I love you!
The GRASSHOPPER of mine!


(Luckily for me the situation has changed. He is doing a job now while continuing his studies.)


  1. For a moment i thought you are referring him as Grass hopper because he is so jovial as one. After a while only i got the meaning of the whole phrase. that is so sweet.

    Did he see this? he should have commented on this. As i can remember he was a very good boy during the school time.

    1. He IS GOOD. I have written this many years ago(2008)after he did his A/Levels and studying for B.C.S.He has a passion for music .So he neglected his studies and directed his energies to compose music. I was highly worried and the thoughts surfaced deep within my heart as a poem.

  2. its vry rare to see "mothers" like you!! proud of you!!

  3. its vry rare to see a "MOTHER" like YOU !! proud of you!!

  4. Replies
    1. I should be ashamed of myself pampering him. but I don't.


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