Sunday, June 29, 2014

To the Principal sir; a parting note,

Soft spoken and gentle
We have never heard 
Your raised voice
Though there were countless 
Times to do so.

Humble and polite
You always requested
When something wanted to be done.
Never the 'Bossy Type'
Though you always were the Boss. 

You never sneaked into the classrooms
To see what we were doing,
Never embarrassed us
By openly criticizing.
Kept your faith on us, 
Believing, that we would work hard
To the betterment of children-
Our wards.

Now that you are leaving,
We have begun to realize
The immense void 
You are creating
With your absence.
But it is something inevitable, 
As preached by Lord Buddha,
It's a pity to leave
One's loved ones.

After carrying the heavy burden 
Of a school
It is only fair to say
That one needs a rest 
If to remain sane.

Be happy! Thinking 
That you have done 
Your duty to the school 
And pupils.

May God keep you happy 
Until your last days. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to Lure My New Tenant


What a shy person my new tenant is!

Comes with the Dawn and leaves with the Dusk.

My eye walks on the lawn looking for a sign of him.

Sits in his favourite place,on top of a coconut.

Hops back and forth and chats while I carry my washing.

 It's his previledge, so I listen to him.

He likes me and the mynah who eats tit-bits in the garden.

I too like him though he is not one of my own.

He is a nature lover, conservationist and a vegetarian.

He is an ecentric too.

Shakes his back when he has something excited to say.

Spellbound by his presence, I tried all my tricks on him

to share my life with him forever,though it failed,

breaking my heart. I wonder whether you have any tips

to lure a flycatcher to my home.