Friday, May 10, 2013

Don't give up hope

                                                                   It makes me melancholy even now to recall that heart rending incident.There are some happenings  in our lives over which we have no power to change or modify it  in any way but accept what has happened passively watching it rip our hearts a little bit whenever they happen. If I say that this is one of such, I am not lying.

                                       My son was subjected to an allergy when he was a little kid. As a result  he was derived of some activities and hobbies of which  he was passionate about. He wanted to be in the school cricket team and joined practices when he was in grade three. I used to stay with him after school, in one of the empty classrooms watching him mingle and play with other kids under the instructions of the cricket coach, who happened to be a teacher in the same college.

 after two or three hours he comes to me dead tired but glowing with satisfaction. He, narrating his achievements in the ground, we both walk to the bus halt, take a bus ride home or sometimes stop by at a cafe to have a short snack to tame his hungry tummy.

 but his pleasure didn't last long.after two or three sessions he seriously fell ill and the doctor decided it was the dust that causing him the allergy.It was  tormenting for me to break the news to him; of my decision to stop his cricket practices. I remember even now his disappointing face lifted up to me and asking ' why, only I can't play, while Piumal and others can.' I had no answer and I couldn't remember my reply. He was moody for some days and especially directed his anger at me.He saw me as the one always taking decisions to ruin his joy and I saw his resented eyes.

Though my heart bled for him, I had to hurt him again when he put forward his other passionate plea. One day after having dinner, he suddenly declared ' I want a puppy !". I was uneasy and stole a glance at my husband. He avoided my eyes. My son's gaze was directed at me unwavering and they were challenging. "I stopped cricket for you.. Can't you give me a puppy even? Piumal's Lassy has delivered a  a litter of four puppies and he promised that he would allow  me to choose the most beautiful  puppy from his pack "

                 His torrent of words flew and I was numb with pain. How can I explain complexities and injustice in life to my little one who expects only solace and piece in his tiny world? I opened my mouth , yet he guessed what was coming and became aggressive.  "Don't say NO to this" His voice shook with emotion.He threw a pleading look at his father but he shook his head which indicated a negation.

   Then he looked at me again, tears streaming down his cheeks.His little mind was confused and he couldn't find why his beloved parents were doing this to him. Hastily I said" putha, I will get you one when you are a little older. Can u remember what the doctor told you? Their fur is bad for your health.Do you want to take medicine  and the  inhaler daily ? Be patient like a good boy and when you are cured, I will find you a beautiful puppy for you."

                   He was inconsolable  He just threw me a disgusting  look and  ran to his room, and  flopped on the bed. For a few days I sensed his distance. He just played with his toys but rarely came to release his childish patter. The one he loves most was giving him the heartaches which he simply could not bear.

                I, on the other hand was suffering immensely as I knew that he was going through a psychological trauma.But there was nothing else to do. His doctor advised me strongly that it is vital to keep him away from animal fur, dust and any other thing which will trigger his cough. It was unthinkable to give in to his request when I remember how he suffer when having a bout of wheezing. It was pure hell to watch his agony. Lying on the bed, he breathes laboriously, long and slow, each breath like his last.Even after giving medication,  it takes at least two or three hours or sometimes more to come back to normal. At those times his strength was completely drained and he sleeps long. From time to time I gently put my hand on his chest to check his heart beat to make sure he is o.k. His regular breathing lifts my spirits and then only our household becomes normal again.

                  But, fortunately, a pediatrician who worked in Ridgeway hospital came to our help.He was a somewhat peculiar fellow when compare him with other doctors, yet an excellent physician with a superb  knowledge of diagnosing.He took time to examine my son and prescribed him some medicine and asked me to come after one month
              Gradually, in each visit, the dose of medication was reduced and finally the doctor decided that my son could do without medicine.How happy I was! I felt like worshipping his feet.All my fears and doubts vanished and with preventive medicine I returned home with a  heart made light with hopes for future.

                     Though my son was unable to play in the cricket team he was able to resume his regular activities in school.The frequency of developing the wheeze was getting less and less.

                       It was that doctor who gave me hopes for my son's recovery and I am indebted to him forever for understanding my helplessness.. He is a good doctor and still treats patients.

              I want to publish this post as a tribute to good doctors who still whether the hardships and challenges of a monetary society, yet able to remain as humane and compassionate human beings.


  1. Yes. It would be a tribute to him and also for the doctors who have sensitivity, humanity and common sense. I felt the same, you described but it is true I cant wtite it down as you did. Execellent wording. I like it very much. Thank you

    1. Thank you for your comment. We are quick to criticize doctors when they demand a raise of pay or any other request but very slow to react to their kind deeds.

  2. Mmm... where do I begin?

    I also have asthma. This is the immune system being too hypersensitive and over reacting making the system go haywire.

    One wrong thing to do is to decide everything that is known to cause allergies to people are working the same way for everyone.

    For example one person could be allergic to tomato and not allergic to tuna. It would work the opposite way to another person.

    So, deciding all the people with asthma are allergic to fresh milk is primitive. Some people decide like this for their convenience.

    Even in our indigenous medicine, they prohibit certain fruits for all the children which is absolutely silly.

    One should check each suspicious food separately for allergic reactions and rule out without banning batches of food wholesale.

    And some allergies are acute, more periodical. You have to watch out for that.

    And maybe you noticed that the inhalers come in blue/grey or brown/beige color. The blue one with salbutamol gives relief to an ongoing allergic reaction and gives relief.

    The brown/beige one contains a steroid called betamethasone which would keep asthma in check when taken on regular basis. In other words, you take it as a preventive medication, not to suppress the symptoms.

    The symptoms, even though it seems to subside and okay could come back. So it is advisable to keep the inhaler handy all the time.

    And, this is absolutely crazy and stupid not allowing him to practice cricket. You 'll be amazed at the number of famous athletes and players who are asthmatic.

    Childhood asthma may or may not disappear when he grows into an adult. But adult asthma is known to be kind of permanent.

    Show this to your husband too. And best of luck. Sorry if I sounded like a doc. I tried to as plain as possible.

    1. Dear Dude,
      I am moved by your concern for my son's condition but I am very sorry if I have given you the wrong impression that he still suffers the same.He has finished his schooling and doing a job now.but even now he develops the allergic condition when he is careless enough to expose to dust for long durations. but the attacks are rare and mild and the prescribed tablet for two or three days would cure it.

      I know the inhalers you mentioned very well and without fear I can prescribe medicine to any asthma patient now. :D

      When I visited that doctor, he advised me to check for food which are allergic to him by giving them seperately and to be on the alert for any unusual reactions to any new food. So I found out that ice-cream, cool packets and cool drinks trigger his allergic condition and I was careful enough not to give them to him without doctor's advice.but many a time I had to rush him to the doctor after having them from the school canteen.
      I was highly worried at that time and that is why I am so grateful to that kind doctor. He just didn't give medicine but comforted me whenever I visited him, explaining everything with regard to asthma.

      Thank you again for your simply explained and lengthy comment. I know that many, who read this will be benefited by your simple explanation.

  3. Replies
    1. Welcome to my blog. I read some of your articles but couldn't comment as I was in a hurry. I will visit and comment soon.

  4. Thank you ! this post made my day .... what ever news or post on doctors I read on net, seems to carry a negativity about the profession.
    Asthma is treatable through proper management and care... Dude has explained well about it. One of the major problems we faced in medical clinic was , inadequate treatment of given regimes. Some mistakenly took the inhaler capsules orally as they were not educated properly about it...

    1. I am glad that you were happy about my post. There are good doctors but they are not in the limelight. That's the problem.

  5. I myself have met doctors who are willing to go out of their way to help their patients. We really need to salute such doctors for their invaluable service.

    1. I like this new profile picture of yours. Yes. There are many good Samaritans and this is how I pay them gratitude!


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