Monday, June 11, 2012

A picture of a winter scene inspired me to write this poem

                Can't You Hear My Sobbing Heart?


 Oh! how I long to fit
 into this heavenly atmosphere,
To walk on untrodden snow
which is something rare
in where I live.        
Reminding me the tales
Of winter Lands
I heard in my grand ma's lap.
The house coated with white,
soothes my tired eye sight.
The horse waits ready
 to pull you to etenity.

Oh! how I long to fit
 into this heavenly atmosphere,
where I can stroll in the floor
of crispy, crunchy snow,
to be exposed to all elements
or walk in the dark woods
 behind the house;
or sit under the tree
reading a book
 of Daphne Du Maurier's,
covering my head
with a  scarf.

Oh! how I long to fit
 into this heavenly atmosphere,         
 let my toes feel
the tingling cold of the brook
and watch  they turn blue;
or to rub my palms together
 and make myself warm,
to open the windows and let
the chilly wind seeeps in.

Oh! Can't you hear my sobbing heart?
Can't you hear my sobbing heart?


  1. This is really beautiful.. i can feel the coldness of the outside..and inside of me..
    nice poem mam.. :)

    1. Thank you very much.but the picture included in the post(u have to click on the small square to see the picture) is not the original. Google images won't allow me to show it in my post.

    2. but then somehow I saw it without clicking anywhere mam.. :)i'll consider my self as lucky..


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