Sunday, August 11, 2019

Binu- My Universe

Cuddled unto my bosom,

Holding his chin barely above 
My shoulder, tries to 
Raise his head
To see the big,big world
Before him, while we take
Our daily, rather hurried walk
Giving his mama 
 Time to tidy up.

His big, bright, marble eyes

Glint to see all
 The green before him.
His nappy is rolled up.
I feel the smooth skin
Of his tiny buttocks, 
Velvety to the touch.

His feeding time is a marvel.

While sucking like a puppy,
He plays with mamma's hands
And stops for a second
To show her a toothless gum
And a series of coo s.

His biggest smile is reserved for his seeya
While he needs me
When he is bored to death
On the bed!
He holds on to his mama 
For his food, sleep and  for comfort.

But when his papa,clad in a bath towel,
Comes after an evening shower,
Binu forgets them all
And jumps to him
Leaving his nappy 
And everything behind.

(this was written when he was seven months old.)

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